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Our Issues

Citizens for Strength and Security Fund uses issue advocacy to shine a spotlight on new solutions that will strengthen the middle class and make working families more secure. Our work focuses on the following issues:

Health Care
Health care costs are a drag on America’s economy. They affect everything from small business profits to federal deficits. Health care reform was a good first step that will help “bend the curve” of rising health care costs. There is, however, more we can do to ensure America has a stable, quality and affordable health care system that cuts costs and improves care. 

Issue Spotlight: Combating Childhood Obesity

Fiscal Future
America’s strength and security depends on a strong financial footing. We have gone from running record surpluses to running a large national debt in just over a decade. It is time we mobilized behind better choices and pursued balanced, common-sense policies that will protect and promote economic growth.

Issue Spotlight: A Balanced Approach to Looming Fiscal Threats

Rising gas prices are a reminder of energy’s impact on our economy and our security. We must build a better energy future. We need investments in innovation that will help create the next energy economy. These investments in American resources will help create jobs, combat threats and make America more secure.

Issue Spotlight: Extending the Production Tax Credit (PTC)

Economy & Jobs
America’s economy is beginning to show signs of life but more must be done to make sure we continue to head in the right direction. We need new investments in manufacturing, research and development, and new policies to revitalize the middle-class, which has been battered by stagnating wages and rising costs.

Issue Spotlight: Investing in Infrastructure



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