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About Us

Citizens for Strength and Security Fund is a issue advocacy organization. Our work is designed to provide Americans with the information and tools they need to spark a discussion about issues important to our shared future. Citizens for Strength and Security Fund's specific focus is on issues important to America’s middle class, including jobs, health care, energy and our nation’s long-term fiscal health. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on these issues and build momentum for policies that will make our country stronger.  We seek to promote an agenda that strengthens our nation and makes the middle class more secure.

Over the last few years, Citizens for Strength and Security Fund has been active in issue debates across the country.  Our work has been instrumental in shining a spotlight on policies that will keep America moving forward.

Citizens for Strength and Security Fund is organized under section 501(c)4 of the Internal Revenue code.  It was established in 2011. 



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