Wind Energy Has Created American Jobs and Will Lower Energy Costs for American Consumers.
Don’t Let Exelon Stand in the Way.


Across America, wind is generating electricity and powering the economy. The wind industry has created over 75,000 American jobs, and wind currently provides enough energy to power over 13 million homes. Thanks to bipartisan policies in Congress that have spurred wind energy growth, America is on track to one day see wind energy deliver savings to some customers of up to $200 per year.
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In Washington, special interests like Exelon are now standing in the way of wind energy growth. Big utilities like Exelon know that cheaper energy prices that result from wind mean less profit for them.

Exelon and its lobbyists are fighting to overturn policies in Washington like the Production Tax Credit (PTC) that support wind energy . If they win, 37,000 Americans will lose their jobs by early next year and big power companies like Exelon will be able to keep energy prices high.

American workers and consumers deserve better. Tell Congress to reject the attempt by special interests like Exelon to protect their profits at the expense of American jobs and clean energy.

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What’s Behind Exelon’s Opposition to Wind Energy? Declining Profit Margins


According to a report by The Hill newspaper, David Brown, Exelon’s senior vice president of federal government affairs said that “the PTC is helping wind cut into its nuclear power business….Wind is ‘distorting competitive markets that we operate in’ by lowering the wholesale price of electricity.” [The Hill, 9/10/12]


The Chicago Tribune wrote that “the abundance of wind power is driving down the price Exelon receives for its electricity, which is hurting its profit margins.” [The Chicago Tribune, September 16, 2012.]


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