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Investing in Infrastructure

Maintaining our infrastructure helps American businesses produce and transport their products. It is vital to the American economy that our roads, bridges, energy grid, and wireless communications abilities are in the best condition possible.

The faster American companies can communicate and distribute goods, the more profitable and competitive they will be. Keeping water and waste management facilities, in addition to energy infrastructure in good condition is also important to the health of the American people and American business. It is important to the health of the economy that investors and workers feel safe and secure working and doing business here.

Another key aspect of maintaining infrastructure is rebuilding schools, hospitals, and public transportation facilities. This will ensure that our population is healthy and well-equipped to operate in the future economy. It is important to keep our workforce educated, as well as allowing for means to transport workers and other resources. This will increase confidence among businesses and investors in the American economy.

Congress must act to make critical investments in our infrastructure a priority moving forward.

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